Welcome to the website of the Research Group on Human Capital of UQAM’s School of Management (ESG UQAM).

The main objective of the Research Group on Human Capital (Groupe de recherche sur le capital humain) is to contribute to the economics research on all aspects of human capital, using mainly a microeconometric approach based on survey microdata representative of the population or on administrative data. The Group’s research themes include notably education, labor and well-being, and concern above all children, youth and families. One of the priorities of the Research Group on Human Capital is to study the effects of public policies on human capital and its development broadly speaking, as well as on inequalities.


Catherine Haeck co-signs a letter to promote citizen mobilization for young children.

November 21, 2018 –The article aims to reiterate the importance of acting early and valuing our children. As a member of the Scientific Committee of the Grand Rassemblement pour les Tout-petits, Catherine also participated in the opening panel of the event held in Quebec City which gathered more than 650 people. Panel members provided a cross-examination of the state of play for young children in Quebec and potential avenues to improve their well-being. Children are the heart of our societies and the people working with toddlers do a remarkable job that needs even more support.

Research Group on Human Capital members sign a letter in La Presse+ on data access

October 29, 2018 –The members of the Research Group on Human Capital sign a collective text on big data access in Québec. This test is available, in French, on La Presse+: Link to article in La Presse+

We address this letter to the new Québec government headed by the Coalition Avenir Québec. We should not underestimate the potential of data, nor the fact that the infrastructure needed to wisely share the data already exists (through the Quebec Inter-university Center for Social Statistics and the Canadian Research Data Centre Network), and that researchers are interested in exploiting those data to generate new knowledge. Happy reading!

Employment opportunity: research professional

October 29, 2018 –Catherine Haeck and Marie Connolly are looking to hire staff to provide research assistance. You can view the employment opportunity by clicking here.

Nicholas Lawson joins the Research Group on Human Capital

September 24, 2018 — Nicholas Lawson, professor of Economics at UQAM’s School of Management, joins the Research Group on Human Capital as a researcher. He teaches labour economics to undergraduate and graduate students, and econometrics to graduate students. His research focuses primarily on the evaluation of public policies in the labour market, including university tuition fees, unemployment insurance, taxation, as well as policies relevant to the health and development of children.  His research combines theoretical modelling of welfare and optimal policy with empirical statistics and analysis. His work has been published in American Economic Journal: Economic PolicyLabour EconomicsEconomics & Human Biology, and the Journal of Population Economics, among others. Welcome Nicholas!


Workshop April 5, 2019

Using Administrative Data to Inform Public Policy

The Research Group on Human Capital will hold its fifth workshop on Friday, April 5, 2019, at the University of Quebec in Montreal. Six academic researchers from the fields of Economics and Sociology will present recent work. The presentations primarily featured empirical research using microeconometric models, with a particular emphasis on questions of identification of causal effects. The workshop is intended to promote discussion and exchanges on the theme of the use of administrative data to inform public policy, broadly speaking, with a special interest in the role of public policies and interventions and their potential to equalize opportunities. Topics covered in this workshop include replicability, access and use of microdata, public policies, and social inequalities. The workshop is open not only to academics (professors, researchers, graduate students), but also to administrators and policymakers as well as to officials from governmental institutions with an interest in the topic.

The workshop will take place at the University of Quebec in Montreal, building Président-Kennedy, 201 Président-Kennedy Avenue (Place-des-Arts metro station), room PK-1140, from 9:25 AM to 4:30 PM.