Montreal Replication Games 2023

Save the date: June 14, 2023!

In collaboration with the Institute for Replication, the Research Group on Human Capital is organizing the 2023 Montreal Replication Games. The Games will take place at UQAM on June 14, 2023, from 8:30am to 4pm, with an option to participate remotely via Zoom. For more information on the Games, go to the Institute for Replication’s webpage.

We are looking for researchers, post-docs, and PhD students interested in a one-day replication challenge. Participants will be granted co-authorship on a meta-paper combining the replications and will have the opportunity to publish their work. Participants will be matched based on field, and a study from a leading economics or political science journal will be assigned to each team based on interests.

Interested researchers and/or teams should send their field of study and preferred statistical software to:


For more information on local organization, please contact Marie Connolly.