Here are various reports written by or contributed to by members of the Human Capital Research Group.

Boujija, Y. Connolly, M. & St-Denis, X. (2023).Geographic mobility and intergenerational transmission of income in Quebec (2023RP-11, Project reports, CIRANO.)

Haeck, C., Lefebvre, G., Lefebvre, P., & Merrigan, P. (2023). Overdiagnosis of ADHD in Quebec: Impact of school entry age, regional differences and social and economic costs (2023RP-08, Project reports, CIRANO.)

Haeck, C., Lacroix, G. & Santarossa, G. (2022). The effects of repetition on the academic success of students in Quebec: an econometric evaluation, Report presented to the Ministry of Education of Quebec.

Bernard, P., Connolly, M., Lachapelle, U., Martin, J., & Séguin, C. (2022). Note on CO2 emissions from travel funded by projects and grants managed by UQAM, Report presented to the UQAM Green Fund.

Connolly, M., Haeck, C. & Raymond-Brousseau, L. (2022). Social mobility in Quebec according to different university paths, Report presented to CIRANO.

Connolly, M. & P.-Demontigny, C.-A. (2021). Income Mobility among Middle-Class Households, Report submitted to Employment and Social Development Canada (in English).

Haeck, C., Lawson, N. & Poirier, K. (2021).  Taxation of sugary drinks, Report presented to the National Institute of Public Health and the Ministry of Health and Social Services.

Haeck, C. (2019). Acting during early childhood: The economic benefits, Report presented to the Comité-conseil Acting so that every toddler can develop their full potential, September 26, 2019.

Dagenais, F., & J.-P. Hotte. Preliminary report of the advisory committee Taking action so that every toddler develops his or her full potential, Montreal, Quebec, 2019 (contribution by Catherine Haeck).