The Research Group on Human Capital places students’ training in research at the heart of its activities. The Group’s professors provide to their many graduate students an advanced training in research and a development of their skills in the evaluation of public policies. Thanks to their research grants, the professors of the Group are also able to offer scholarships to their students.

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  • Coissard, Mélissa [PhD], supervisors: Marie Connolly and Catherine Haeck
  • Latour, Anne-Charlotte [PhD], « Essais sur la mobilité intergénérationnelle du revenu et les facteurs socioéconomiques durant l’enfance et l’adolescence », supervisors: Marie Connolly and Catherine Haeck (in French)
  • Ismachowiez Mamber, Ana Catherina [Masters], supervisors: Catherine Haeck and Charles Séguin
  • Courtemanche, Loïc [Masters], supervisors: Marie Connolly and Raquel Fonseca
  • Kiemde, Elischa Lovanine [Masters], supervisors: Marie Connolly and Andrei Munteanu
  • Lupien, Félix [Masters], supervisors: Marie Connolly and Andrei Munteanu
  • Ouedraogo, Diaeddine Fadel [Masters], supervisor: Andrei Munteanu
  • Djamaldiev, Oumar [Masters], supervisors: Marie Connolly and Philip Merrigan
  • Séguin, Julien [Masters], supervisors: Andrei Munteanu and Philip Merrigan
  • Benaini, Imed [Masters], supervisor: Nicholas Lawson
  • Belabid, Lahna [Masters], supervisor: Nicholas Lawson
  • Baali Cherif, Mohamed [Masters], supervisor: Nicholas Lawson
  • Jean, Kentz Berly [Masters], supervisors: Nicholas Lawson and Andrei Munteanu
  • Blanc, Zacharie [Masters], supervisors: Andrei Munteanu and Marie-Louise Leroux
  • Lachapelle, Félix Thomas [undergraduate], supervisor: Marie Connolly


  • Beauregard, Pierre-Loup [PhD], visiting from the University of British Columbia
  • Montpetit, Sébastien [PhD], visiting from Toulouse School of Economics